Historial Role Play in Second Life

As I was looking through different searches in Google and in Second Life, I came across several role play locations from points in history.  I felt this would be a good tour for teachers of history, the students can experience a little about a period of time and location.

While I was searching, I came across several locations that were not appropriate due to adult content.  There are many more, and I would encourage history teachers to look to find appropriate locations…or what the heck, create your own.

Here are my historical role play locations….

1. WWII Role Play – This location is specific to World War II combat in the European theater with a focus on tank combat.  Tank combat really came into its own during World War II.

2. The 1920s Berlin Project – This location can help you experience life in Germany after WWI under the Weimar Republic.  It would be interesting to see how the Nazis could come to power in this society.

3. Paris 1900 – This location gives you a look at life in Paris around the turn of the 20th Century.  There are many interesting historical landmarks to visit.  The Eiffel Tower was brand new at this time.

4.  5 Points – New York AD 1850 – This location takes you to the early Gangs of New York, where the new immigrants came to stake their claim to the American Dream….ending up in warring gangs.  This is the location the movie Gangs of New York is based on.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah – 1870 – This location is meant to give people the old west experience.  The role play wants the player to learn about life on the Savage Frontier just as the settlers learned about the hardships.

6. Ville d’Aquitaine – This location is all about experiencing the 1770’s in a French village.  This is a time before the French Revolution.  It might interesting to see if students can find precipitating factors for the Revolution that is just around the corner.

7. US Holocaust Memorial Museum – This is definitely a place to have students studying World War II visit.  The reason it is on this tour is students can witness Kristallnacht, which occurred in 1938.  This is really the starting of Hitler’s plan to rid German territories of Jews.  A sad night in history!

8.  Renaissance Island – This location allows students to experience life in “Merry Olde England” at the time of Henry VIII.  Just be careful to avoid making the old King angry, he has the habit of getting rid of people who don’t give him what he wants.

9.  AVG Airfield: Flying Tigers – This location is meant to role play war aviation.  The mission of this location is to honor all veterans.  Students can learn how to battle for the skies.

10. Chateau de Versailles – This location can help students experience life in the Court of Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette.  See the beautiful home and grounds.  Learn how life at Court was out of touch with the ordinary people.

Enjoy your tour…