Starting Second Life

 As part of Emerging Instructional Technology, we are learning about the virtual world called Second Life (  I am definitely a novice in this arena.  I have never really done anything with virtual worlds.  I have gone to SecondLife, and created my profile.  I have done a little bit of exploring.  I have to say I am overwhelmed at the shear magnitude of it all.  We had a short demonstration in class, but creating my own character there is so much more.  I am excited to learn about this virtual world.

At the same time, I am overwhelmed.  There is so much!  I am apprehensive when it comes to virtual worlds.  I guess I am old school, and really prefer meeting people face-to-face.  Through my work, I get a little paranoid about people’s predatory motivations.  This is especially true when I think about my daughter.

However, I need to look at this as a learning opportunity.  Part of the reason for taking the class was to push my thinking and learning about technology in the classroom.  I promise to keep an open mind, and look forward to learning something new.



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