Just about 3 weeks ago…

Our new family!

On Saturday, August 25, 2012…I became a Dad!!  I just turned 40 fifteen days earlier.

Our daughter is a month premature, but is doing well.  There are some health concerns that the doctors are paying attention too, but they feel she is strong.

I am getting used to fatherhood.  I have to say I am learning to thrive on a few hours sleep at a time.  Diaper changing duty isn’t all that bad (most of the time).  Of course the fun is seeing her change each day.  She has a really good temperment, but she doesn’t like “tummy time” she works and works to turn on her back.  She is a smart girl if I do say so myself.

The purpose of my blog is to reflect on being a father for the first time after working as an educator for 16 years.  I have started to reflect on what I want for my daughter, and what type of teachers I want her to have.  Ironically, those decisions are already beginning.  The community we live in has waiting lists already at two pre-schools.  I wonder how pre-school will look in four years.  What role will technology play?  Will new options be available?  How will the curriculum look different than now?  So many questions are floating in my brain…


4 thoughts on “Just about 3 weeks ago…

  1. Hey Joel,

    I am not a parent myself yet, but I have worked in the same daycare for the past three years and you are right about one thing. It is just so amazing to watch they grow up. I know they aren’t my children, but sometimes I feel as if they are. Given that I work in a daycare I see how much it is changing. Even three-year-olds are starting to learn the alphabet and how to write letters. Like you I can only imagine what daycare/preschool will be like in the next four years as well. I guess only time will tell us. Until then we will just have to roll with the punches.


  2. Joel, the thought you consider about what the curriculum and schools will be like when your daughter is ready to go to school is a really interesting. Sometimes I also wonder what school will be like in the future. Especially technology! Should be a interesting journey, that’s for sure! Congrats again on the birth of your daughter!

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